Saturday, November 12, 2011

Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kai (wrap-up)

By Greg Pool

Here's a wrap-up of the visit by  Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kai to Tree House Concerts (pictures and after-show interview/encore

* This concert was entirely because Juliet wanted both Keith and Dayan to play our house in celebration of our seventh wedding anniversary. Some of you may remember when I proposed at a house concert in 2004!

* We've had Keith at our concert series twice before, once in 2005 when we lived in Pacific Grove and then again in 2009 when we started up our concerts in Carmel Valley Village.

* Dayan was a real bonus. He grew up in San Juan Bautista but had recently moved up to eastern Washington, so he's been a little harder to book. Now he's back in the Monterey Bay area, and it was a real treat to have him join Keith.

* We also had a surprise visit from Steve Uccello's on bass. He was high school buddies with Dayan, and he's also a graduate of the music program at Cal State Monterey Bay.

* It was a busy and fulfilling night, because there was such a demand we actually booked Keith & Dayan to play two shows for a total of 80 guests in Carmel Valley Village.

* The second show was later that evening, just down the road but still in the Village. Our friends Laura  & John Siletto hosted and drew from their circle of friends.

* I grew up with Laura in Monterey, and she was responsible for me booking The Rayburn Brothers back in 2009.

* And since we've recorded two podcasts with Keith, he was gracious enough to give up the after-show interview and encore to Dayan and Steve. You can still hear Keith in the background on that third song, belting it away. But as this performance shows, Dayan is good enough to book solo.

* Here's a video from the afternoon show, and here's the original video Keith talks about.


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