Saturday, October 16, 2010

Johnsmith (wrap up)

By Greg Pool
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Here's a wrap-up of the visit by Johnsmith to Tree House Concerts (pictures and after-show interview/encore):
Johnsmith on stage
* Johnsmith came out all the way from Wisconsin, where he's hoping his Green Bay Packers can go all the way.

* Johnsmith was on his way down the coast to Big Sur, to teach a yearly songwriting class for a week at Esalen. He usually teaches with Marin County psychotherapist, Julie Baker, to "delve into the emotional heart of our personal story, and translate those experiences into song."

* Like Chuck Brodsky, Johnsmith runs musical tours of Ireland.

* We first learned of Johnsmith in 2003, after songwriter Dave Carter passed away. Johnsmith wrote the song "Friend of the Coyote," which he read like a poem at his concert.

* I loved hearing him sing "Father's Day," but then I'm a sucker for anything related to being a Dad.

* This was the first evening concert we've held at our new location in Carmel Valley. We used to have them all the time back in Pacific Grove. It's kinda dark out here and folks have to drive a long way, but we did have 20 folks to share the evening with. Thank you for bringing your flashlights!


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