Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chuck Brodsky (wrap-up)

By Greg Pool

Here's a wrap-up of the visit by Chuck Brodsky to Tree House Concerts (pictures and after-show interview/encore):

* chuckMany thanks to Vince Lewis for booking this show (he hasn't missed a concert since we started in 2003!) . He went on that Ireland tour Chuck talked about, pitched the concert, and then Chuck sent us a postcard.

* Also a big thanks to Chuck's uncle, Harvey, who lives in Pacific Grove and says he's the president of the Chuck Brodsky Fan Club!

* We had a few artists in the audience as fans and old friends, including Craig Rayburn, who played our house in September, and Alissa Feinman and Kimball Hurd, who says his old band City Folk with Keith Greeninger, who played our house in May, is officially back together!

* kimball and alissaKimball and Alissa came up to sing with Chuck and got to play their own song. Look for them a lot more around the Monterey Bay area as City Folk books more shows.

* Also in the audience was local author Flo Snyder, who got to talk to Chuck during the sound check about baseball. She was the first person hired when the Brooklyn Dodgers moved west to Los Angeles in 1958.

* I first discovered Chuck in 1998 at the Kerrville Folk Festival, where I also learned about Keith and Alissa. He was hosting an open mic under the Ballad Tree up on Chapel Hill (I said Cathedral Hill in the podcast!).

* Here's the YouTube clip Chuck talked about for his song The Man Who Blew Kisses at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canada.

* And here's that clip Chuck talked about of Doc Ellis, who threw a no-hitter in 1970 ... while on LSD.

* I had to look it up, just because I was so curious when Chuck sang about English bathroom fixtures, but here's why he called the song Armitage Shanks.

* We were just starting a heavy week of rain in our area, so the deck was off limits. So instead, we opened up our downstairs room for food and gathering. Many of you will recognize that we took out a big dividing wall over the winter, to open things up. Glad we did!

* cakeBig thanks to Harry the Baker, who I met at the Jason Harrod concert in Seaside. Harry brought a great tasting wheatless cake and found out he baked our daughter's first birthday cake in 2006.


At June 14, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only are your house concerts a sure thing for terrific music, they are rich community gatherings. Glad Flo and Chuck were able to meet. Thanks for hosting again!


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